Vintage Small Bedroom Design

Space is one of the most common problems and apartments today. Unless you are willing to pay more for a bigger room to do with the amount of legroom is just given to you. This small room tips for those of you who live in small rooms.

Color. There are many options you have when it comes to the color of the room. But if your goal is to make it more or less tight look, your choice will be a little thinner. Most stick with shades of white light and others for their bedroom walls. Although this group of colors can be the best choice, they can be. Kind of boring

Other great color to use, as it can help you a room the illusion of space, as well as the advantage of the excitement and uniqueness would be cool colors. You can experiment with their ease and settle for one that is right for you will be. Examples of cool colors are blue, purple and green.

You should never use warm colors like orange, red or yellow as your space will be less. Also avoid large prints on the walls, because the overwhelming them.
Furniture. When it comes to the bedroom, the bed is always the main topic. Unless you with a call to your room to your bed is cool place, you have to sacrifice a smaller bed. You can buy platform beds or small size mattress.

Other items you need to fill with desks, chairs, cabinets and others, depending on what you feel you need for your room. Selection minimalist modern bedroom furniture that is your best paris for a small room.

Avoid placing furniture that you do not really need. For example, if you can afford not to have an office in your bedroom, it is convenient to save space. In addition, as a night light, you can create lighting instead of using the installed shade.

Accessories. To give your room with simple decor. Life frescoes are the right proportions for the room will be a good idea. Use curtains that have a length from floor to ceiling, because they can provide. The illusion of a larger space and assuming that you probably have a small window will long curtains have a positive effect.

Lighting. The light can improve or reverse the effects you are trying to do with your furniture. Given that you are looking for a larger room, you should ensure that your lights are bright, and they illuminate the room well.

If you have large windows so you are lucky if you can enjoy the scenery outside. But if you have small windows that let in a little light, you can compensate for the deficit by artificial light. Install lighting in every corner of the room, so they do not have a dimly lit corner and reduce the space in the room.

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