Bedroom Make Over Ideas with Mini Library

Upon entering the living room with this beautiful white house, located in the immediate splash of color to the wall shelf . Oh and do not forget the colorful flowers placed on frukostbordeti kitchen sharing the same space as living space. You can also add a touch of bright orange as an accent wall and contemporary coffee table with weathered rustic pieces seen in the chair and dresser, furnished in harmony with the modern black couch . Decorate the black smooth floor is the magnificent tapestry of black and white stripes . You can also use the windows covered with white curtains and decorated with potted green plants to make them appear brighter and airy this room too .

Moving on to the dining room, the rug is scaled in red orange and comfort defined in this space. See game that combines eclectic chairs of all white and rustic wood next to the dining table , but elegant wood. Decorate the white walls of this room are beautiful artwork framed in black shades , black and wood is in a unique arrangement for aesthetic purposes . And you realize the big round beautiful lighting ?

The black and white bedroom itself can not be described as smart. Instead look plain and boring , a combination of both neutral colors results in striking one that will make you feel comfortable with . The beautiful home inside blank for this space has white furniture with black print , and sometimes in gray, which can be seen in the gray curtains for the windows and a beautiful silver decoration placed on modern, comfortable white cover . What will you leave when you soft pillows and embrace the weekend ?

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